Benefits of Ice B'Gone Magic

Environmentally friendly: It releases far less sodium and chloride ions into the environment as compared to plain rock salt or calcium chloride. 

Beneficial to your health: It reduces dust clouds associated with the use of untreated salt.

Saves time, money, and labor: It has a veneer of viscous material enabling it to adhere better to roads and walkways, reducing bounce and scatter, and providing better traction. Ice B'Gone Magic won't leave behind a stone or sand residue making spring cleanup simple.

Economically superior: Since it works better and lasts longer, less amount of Ice B'Gone Magic is required to displace ice or snow than any other commonly used ice melter.

Improved working temperatures (-30° C or -22° F): It works better at lower temperatures.

Corrosion protection: It's less corrosive than rock salt and protects your valuable equipment.

Won't cake or clump: It acts as an anti-clumping agent; hence, it does not allow the caking or clumping issue associated with rock salt to happen and saves your spreader from damage.


What is Ice B'Gone Magic?

Mulch Concepts uses Ice B' Gone Magic Treated Salt. It's a highly efficient solid granular deicer that is effective down to -35°F. You can expect it to "burn off" up to 2" of snow without plowing. Ice B'Gone Magic treated salt also exhibits a residual effect making it last longer than the ordinary deicer. 

It's so effective that you can use 30%-50% less when compared to rock salt. It has several advantages, such as:

  • Less corrosive
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use on concrete (even green concrete) and hardscape
  • Does not harm curbside grassed areas and plants.

Ice B'Gone Magic Application

For driveways and walkways: Use 2 to 2.5 oz. (1/4 to 1/3 cup) per square yard. Melting will begin immediately and continue longer than the regular rock salt products. Shovel off slush and reapply if needed. For best results, remove all loose snow and slush from your driveways, steps, and walkways. Spread a generous amount in the path of traction wheels to get out of slick parking areas.

For highway: Reduce conventional dry salt application rate by 20% to 40%.


Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid?

Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid is a highly effective liquid deicing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride and condensed distiller solubles. It is combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar-based) and is protected under U.S. Patent #4, 676,918. No other liquid ice melter can claim this. Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid is non-toxic and biodegradable, and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.

Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid saves money, time, and labor. If you apply it directly onto a paved surface prior to a storm, ice and snow won't bond, black ice will be eliminated, and slips and falls will be reduced.


 Ice B'Gone Magic Facts

  • Used on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway
  • Eliminates black ice
  • Melts snow and ice faster than standard rock salt
  • Requires fewer applications
  • Spreads further than other products
  • Loosens hard-packed snow
  • Lessens damage on lawns
  • Great for steps and walkways
  • Safe for wood, concrete, asphalts, and pavers
  • Safe for plants, people, and pets